Wrigleys - Extra Peppermint Soft Gum (Orbit) 14 Pce

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Wrigleys - Extra Peppermint Soft Gum (Orbit) 14 Pce Sugarfree Chewing Gum with sweeteners and mint and menthol flavours. Its important to protect your teeth from the build - up of invisible plaque but how do you fight something that's invisible? Simple great tasting Orbit Complete sugar free gum with Xylitol helps to keep teeth healthy as helps neutralize plaque acids and restore maximum pH levels in the mouth.Confident, focussed and at your best. You know youre ready for your moment, whenever and however it comes. Ready to step up when it matters most to you. Youre inspired by the most important belief there is. The belief in you. Empowering you to grab this moment and make the most of it. That's why there are more ways to share a moment in every pack. So give a piece to friends, family or someone new. It might seem like something little, but sometimes the little things last the longest. Extra sugar-free chewing gum: Celebrating life's meaningful connections, one piece at a time.
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